Chapter 13
Stiquito: A Platform for Artificial Intelligence

by Matthew C. Scott


This paper presents examples and opportunities for studying and applying the paradigms of Artificial Intelligence using the simple and inexpensive platform provided by the Stiquito robot.

The above ABSTRACT is quoted from the text of the chapter. The following pages are provided as supplemental information for the interested reader and daring experimentalist. As the crux of the paper is the demonstration of how chains of neural-network based phased locked loops can generate multiple stable gaits, 
not much work has been devoted to the Genetic Algorithm analysis or actual VLSI neural network. But these are 
still the author's ultimate goal and he will be thrilled to 
hear your inputs!














PCT=7F, LTIM=1F,TOT=00,TK=00



PCT=7F, LTIM=1F,TOT=20,TK=11


PCT=80, LTIM=7F,TOT=02,TK=11

PCT=80, LTIM=3F,TOT=02,TK=34



A simple charge pump switched capacitor for a neuron.

A fully connected array.